Frequently Asked Question

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  •  Diani has a great name on the world of Tourism.
  • It is one of the BEST prestigious beaches in Africa and has been voted as ‘Africa’s Leading Beach Destination’ from 2014-2019 by ‘World Travel Awards’.
  • Having a cottage at Diani guarantees one daily earnings that makes it a lucrative business with high returns.
  • We normally have scheduled visits where we take people to view our lands. You are always welcome to visit our offices for more information.
  • On a need to need basis, arrangements can be done to take that interested customer.
  • Visit our office to see the necessary documents and then plan to view the land itself. You are also allowed to do a search at the lands office in respective counties where it is located.
  • You will be required to pay for your Transport but we will provide for Accommodation and Meals.
  • Prices range depending with the size of the land, how far it is from the ocean and other value additions on the land. See our property page in this site.
  • You can buy in cash and get a cash discount.
  • You can also pay in installments of up-to three months but can request for an extension beyond three months though it attracts a small interest.
  • No. You have to deposit to the bank and give us a bank slip. We will photocopy it, receive it by stamping and you will keep a copy.
  • The other option is to M-Pesa or EFT. Swiping is also acceptable.
  • We are proud of our history. Get to know about our background.
  • Visit our offices, exercise due diligence and also do a title deed verification by conducting a land search at ‘Counties Ministry of Lands’. 
  • We offer a 3% discount to your property. We do not give cash rewards.
  • The moment you pay for the deposit.
  • After completion of payment, it will take us at least 90 days to get the title. 
  • Sometimes however, due to unforseen challenges in lands registries, it may take us 3-6 months.
  • We look forward to developing a 5 star hotel and a mini golf course.
  • There will be numerous options. You can do it by yourself but you can also take advantage of a common name advertisement of the villas.
  • For the beauty and ambiance, we may require to do some ground work on the compound.
Good question here. 
  • Not really because we want to maintain a uniform kind of housing theme. We have come up with few unique designs that an investor can choose from.
  • Wonderful. Indian Ocean neighbors us on the East side and on the south, we have our land touch ‘Indian Ocean Peninsular’.
  • On the west, we have lands of prominent Kenyan politicians and businessmen.
  • Chale island is on the south while on the north is bush land which offers a breath taking scenery.