Why Invest Now? The value of property is exptected to shoot up due to Dongo Kundu Highway. The expansion of Ukunda Airstrip will allow larger aircraft and International flights. INVEST NOW! Own a Piece of Diani Beach Diani continues to attract many local and international investors looking to develop holiday homes, holiday resorts and commercial properties. Read More Diani Beach Golf City The 10 minutes’ drive from Ukunda Town and Diani Airstrip gives you the exact location of Pazurina Golf City which stretches along Chale Road Read More


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  • 10 minutes’ drive from Ukunda Town
  • Bordering Diani Airstrip
  • Pazurina Golf City stretches along Chale Road
  • 800 meter walk to the beach
  • Warm weather and rich sceneries
  • Luxury with the intricately build homes


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