Why own land near a beach?

Have you had a time choosing where to buy land ? Owning property always comes with lots of benefits to the owner as well as a few downsides. When choosing property to purchase, location is a key factor you must consider. Pazurina Holdings has high value plots for sale in Diani Kenya, a luxurious tropical beach destination frequented by both local and international tourists.

Owning land next to the beach is quite advantageous to investors, and here is why:

  1. High Property Value: Owning land near a beach is considered a luxury, and the limited supply of such properties increases their demand and hence value.
  2. Potential for High Appreciation: Over time, the value of beach front property tends to appreciate at a higher rate than other types of real estate. This can make owning land near a beach a valuable investment. Our golf city project for instance has grown in value by over 30% since its inception.
  3. Rental Income Potential: Beach front properties can be rented out to vacation goers, providing a potential source of rental income.
  4. Access to Stunning Views: Beach front properties offer some of the most stunning views, including panoramic views of the ocean, sunrise, and sunset.
  5. Recreation Activities: Owning land near a beach provides easy access to a range of recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, fishing, and boating.
  6. Positive Health Benefits: Spending time near the beach can have positive health benefits such as reducing stress levels, improving mood, and promoting relaxation.
  7. Lifestyle Benefits: Owning land near a beach can offer a luxurious and relaxed lifestyle with access to beautiful scenery, recreational activities, and a community of beach enthusiasts.
  8. Potential for Customization: Owning a vacant piece of land near the beach gives you the flexibility to build your dream home or vacation home according to your preferences.
  9. Privacy and Exclusivity: Owning land near a beach can offer a sense of privacy and exclusivity, as not many purchase land or afford to own a piece of property near the beach.
  10. Investment Diversification: Investing in beach front property can be a diversification strategy for your investment portfolio, providing a hedge against inflation and market volatility.

All these considered, you should definitely consider becoming a beach plot owner and enjoy the massive benefits that come along with it. We at Pazurina Holdings International limited are pleased to assist you in your journey to own a plot in Diani, Kenya. You can reach us on call at 0712 110 110 or email via info@pazurinaholdings.co.ke

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